Sergio Agüero: “I was shocked when Messi said he was leaving”

Sergio Agüero: "I was shocked when Messi said he was leaving" images 19 September 12, 2021

Sergio Aguero knows that he has some way to go before Barca can accept him as a player. However, in an interview he talked about the current situation at Barca.

Sergio Agüero: "I was shocked when Messi said he was leaving" images 19 September 12, 2021
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“It’s going very well, I’m making good progress. Although there is no guarantee of a recovery, we are making good progress. I expect to reduce the time by a few weeks. It’s painful, and it’s very close to the calf. “The last MRI scan was quite good.”

On injury concerns

“Last year, I missed games due to my knee. I had the operation in July, and was recovering until December. Then, I had COVID, which was difficult. Pep kept his tactics going and the team was put together. I had missed several months, which made it difficult to get in the starting lineup because the team was performing very well.

It’s a tough start

“I was confused as to why it was that I was leaving. Leo wasn’t there when I signed. It was sealed and that was all. I was still waiting for Leo to agree, but there was never a clause to quit. Leo’s departure occurred, and I was injured. I couldn’t walk anymore.

Barca: Messi is gone

The Argentinian striker talked about how to deal with Leo Messi, club legend and friend who left Barcelona. “When it came up about Barca signing, I knew they were struggling financially. I didn’t care much about the money. I just wanted to play in Barcelona. My agent agreed to arrange it. Although it was obvious that I would not be able to earn the same amount at City, I was still excited to play here.

“During negotiations, Leo and I spoke, but not about Leo’s future at the club. I didn’t want to bother him but he said he was going to arrange it. We met at Copa America, and then he left. I was stunned. Knowing how Barca is, I would be happy to sign again for Barca. The club will grow financially and reward the younger players who have contributed. Leo has confirmed that he will be returning to Barcelona. It is my hope that it will go well for him. He was my opponent in City’s match and I would love to play again against him.

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