‘PHENOMENAL’: Messi’s maiden goal for PSG against Man City hailed by Ferdinand

Hakimi 'surprised' by Messi behaviour

Lionel Messi is scoring goals in the Champions League again – a phrase that can send chills through the spines of defenders If you’re not watching his skills from the comfort of a studio.

Hakimi 'surprised' by Messi behaviour

The Argentinian star scored the club’s first PSG goal with style on Tuesday. He secured the club’s top three points in the group A and sunk his former boss Pep Guardiola, and set his beloved Parc des Princes rocking.

Messi was back at the top of his game and showed that his 34-year-old legs have plenty of the speed by cutting through City’s defence, forming two-on-two with Kylian Mbappe, and launching the ball over the top of the corner.

Rio Ferdinand, who doesn’t need to be afraid of Messi on the field is delighted by another memorable goal.

The speed as well as the strength, control and technique to achieve what he did was… amazing that’s what The former Manchester United defender said on BT Sport as he re-watched the second goal of PSG’s 2-0 win.

“Hakimi’s run is vital because it takes away the defender. If you have players like Hakimi creating havoc, it creates space for players like Messi to make use of.’

Owen Hargreaves added: ‘There was so much to love about this achievement. I like the overlap with Hakimi there, creating the space. It’s Messi everywhere.

“He’d have anticipated this, he’s known to be in the spotlight for the big event. He is always scoring against Pep Guardiola’s teams for some reason.

“Today was a fantastic performance by PSG. After they scored their first goal, and the space was opened for Hakimi Messi being able to step inside , and later Neymar as well as Mbappe are inside It’s going to be an absolute spectacle.

“Today they were right, and with Messi in the middle of the spectrum, he’s bound score an a lot of goals.’

Messi joined PSG this summer against the backdrop of Catalan chaos, and even the Argentine signing a salary cut was not enough to help Barcelona.

It was his turn to leave and reunited together with Neymar at Paris. In contrast, his greatest rival Cristiano Ronaldo smashed his second start with Manchester United, it took Messi until the fourth game of PSG.

“Messi is the star the way he is with him as well as Cristiano (Ronaldo) playing the sport at new heights at this point – and even in the present, he was at the fringe of the game’ Ferdinand added.

“He was not a part of all that was happening in Barcelona because he’s in an unfamiliar club and trying to find the way to get there.

“Even superstars have to take on this. When you witness the excitement, that’s relief. He’s not as animated as usual.’

A former Manchester City midfielder Michael Brown on BBC said: “We’re aware the place where the headlines are heading. Great results from both sides, glimpses of brilliance.

But the headlines will be headlined in the direction of Lionel Messi and that’s what we can expect from the man who is legendary.

He’s back, and he’s at PSG. It’s been a fantastic match and the final touch was what gave PSG the victory.’

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