OSUN APC: Lasun, Najim and Adeoti; jokes taken too far. – Dr Onigbinde

OSUN APC: Lasun, Najim and Adeoti; jokes taken too far. - Dr Onigbinde

OSUN APC: Lasun, Najim and Adeoti; jokes taken too far. – Dr Onigbinde

The immediate past Secretary of Odootin South LCDA, Dr Onigbinde Ayodele Teslim, an Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Physiotherapy has likened the attitude of Hon Lasun Yusuf, Hon Najim Salam and Moshood Adeoti to be that of late Babatunde Omidina (aka Baba Suwe). In a press release, the academic icon described the trio as masquerades dancing naked in an open market.

“There is no amount of blackmail that can dent the image of Governor Oyetola, his performances are satisfactory to the good people of Osun state. Osun has never had it so good in the history of the state. His Excellency has touched all sectors positively, education, health, road and infrastructure, agriculture, food security and civil service. His general performance will definitely grant him victory at the next gubernatorial election”, He revealed.

Dr Onigbinde strongly advised the trio of Hon Lasun, Hon Najim and Alhaji Adeoti to thread the path of honour by realigning with main stream of APC or decamp to another party because it will be a big shame on them when Gov Oyetola is reelected in 2022. In his words, “It’s unfortunate that the trio have to resort to blackmail to gain shameless and cheap popularity. If not that they are shameless, why would they take their jokes too far. The Yoruba adage says agba awo, ki ba awo je or agba aja, ki ba awo je”. The academic guru described them as politicians who can hardly win in their constituencies, and that they are jesters, if they think their utterances can rock the boat of APC in Osun state.

Dr Onigbinde commended the duo of Governor Oyetola and Prince Famodun, the state chairman of APC for being cool-headed in the face of intimidation and open harassment. “It’s simply a sign of maturity”, He said. He advised the party to remain focused and continue to concentrate on repositioning the Party without unnecessary distractions from unpopular jesters.

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